Biorhythm calculator

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MM/DD/YYYY - z.B. 03/26/2014
MM/DD/YYYY - z.B. 03/26/2014
MM/DD/YYYY - e.g. 04/18/2024

How to read the biorhythm chart

The reporting date is indicated by the red line in the middle of the chart. The daily scale is at the bottom of the time axis, which runs from left to right.

The information at the top of the chart shows which colors are assigned to the 3 biorhythm cycles:

  • physical rhythm (23 days)
  • emotional rhythm (28 days)
  • intellectual rhythm (33 days)

The closer a value tends towards 100 (upper half of the scale), the stronger the associated high is, i.e. one is in a good mood and receptive to new things.

The stronger the value tends towards -100 (lower half of the scale), the "worse" is your performance or state of mind, i.e. you feel more quickly unfocused, uncomfortable or tired.

The situation is most "critical" on the days when the cycles cross the zero line. On these days there is no clear tendency, because you are in a transitional phase. You should then be especially careful, and plan important projects at other times.

More information about the biorhythm cycles and the discovery of biorhythm / period theory.